< dienstag abend > No.84 - Structure version I, installation view, Wroclaw (2016 PL)
< dienstag abend > No.84 - Structure version I, installation view and karaoke, Wroclaw (2016 PL)
< dienstag abend > No.84 - Structure version II, installation view, Wroclaw (2016 PL)
< dienstag abend > No.84 - Structure version II, installation view, Wroclaw (2016 PL)
< dienstag abend > No.84 - Structure version III, installation view, Wroclaw (2016 PL)
< dienstag abend > No.84 - Structure version III, installation view, Wroclaw (2016 PL)
< dienstag abend > No.84
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< dienstag abend > No. 84, materializes itself as a sculptural organism that lives somewhere between the acts of occupation and of de-regularization of the public space. This is an intervention that should exist as a site that summits and problematizes form, function and certainly, value.
More than an answer to the call set up by the Space for Beauty project of the European Cultural Capital Wroclaw, < dienstag abend > No. 84 is a reflection about the very process of intervening in a space. What are the inherent effects upon a specific place in the urban landscape and which are the implicit power relations within an inter-vention that happens outside the place’s own dynamics? What happens when a set of (art)ificial dynamics is implemented from the outside? What does it mean to intervene and perform for someone else? It is also an attempt to find answers to these questions throughout a collaborative practice in which the already existing agents in this space, although yet unknown, will be invited to act.
Ultimately, searching for a miracle is in itself an antilogy; searching includes a set of expectations whereby a miracle comes as something unexpected, in the same way < dienstag abend > No. 84 is a programme about desire, searching, (not) finding, illusion and disillusion.

< dienstag abend > is working as a collective and is also a same named experimental exhibtion format. Founded in 2009 at Kunstraum Ve.Sch by Ludwig Kittinger and Fernando Mesquita, it later subsequently became an itinerant collective and was joined by Ana de Almeida, Sophie Thun and Dorota Walentynowicz in 2015 Its organizers consider it to be a situation, respectively composed by the local environment and/or its collective mechanisms. Events themselves are driven by the idea of heterarchy, without mediation between artist and audience, to enable a more direct approach. “We are not making any kind of project; introducing new contents or some exotic theory; nor are we putting forward any kind of conclusion, advocating any kind of statement or definition. Together we are observing what is happening around us. We invite colleagues from different fields to different locations/occasions to form a collaborative (co-labourative) situation.
This as to serve as a hub for research of artistic methods, mechanisms and conditions of co-working(-being). Professionalism is not expected nor rejected, focusing rather on the subject (that may come up) than the object. The name abend (evening) itself is an indicator for a get-together, announcing agitation in the form of confrontation and exhaustion, at least, participation, discord, positioning and rejection”. Talking about friendship-based/confidential project, Viktor Misiano once said: The main feature is that the human aspect dominates the professional. Because friendship is not creative cooperation, but the “ethical form of Eros”. The confidential project excludes the possibility of a representative selection of participants. The choice is immanent in relation to the friendships.(…) There can be no successful or unsuccessful project in friendship. There can only be disappointment.

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