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de Almeida, Ana and Misa, Stephanie, "Archipelago Mountain". Salzburg: Galerie 5020 Eds., 2017
(curatorial statement and exhibition text)

de Almeida, Ana; Ravessoud, Catalina and Rodríguez, Mariel "No Need for References". Vienna: Kunsthalle Exnergasse Eds., 2015
(exhibition booklet)

de Almeida, Ana; Dyes, Anke and Tirler, Julia "¿Selbstverwirklichung als Bezahlung? Zu den Anliegen und Praxen von Interndinner". In: Bildpunkt Exitstrategien. Vienna: IG Bildende Kunst, Frühling 2014

Cella, Bernhard and de Almeida, Ana "Dependent Publishing: an Overlook on Contemporary Portuguese Artist's Publications". Vienna: Bernhard Cella Eds., 2013
(curatorial statement and exhibition text)

de Almeida, Ana; Dyes, Anke and Tirler, Julia "...why being an intern keeps you from fighting for your worker's rights". In: Kulturrisse Heft 04/2012. Vienna: IG Kultur Eds., 2012
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"The revolution's archive through family photographs and artistic discourses" Lecture by Ana de Almeida 11.06.2018 18:00 at IFK - Internationales Forschungszentrum Kulturwissenschaften, Vienna.

Panel discussion with Ana de Almeida and Nanna Heidenreich after the screening of "Spell Reel" by Filipa César, 2017. Moderation by Doris Posch for "Screening Africa - contemporary.perspectives.on.african.cinemas".
Screening on 22.01.2018 19:30 at Schikaneder Kino, Vienna

Moderation of the director talks and film discussions with Marta Mateus ("Farpões, Baldios" 2017 PT), Bernhard Hetzenauer ("La Sombra de un Dios" 2017 AT/MX) and Juliana Antunes ("Baronesa" 2017 BR) at VIENNALE 18, Vienna

"< dienstag abend No.86 >" workshop and lecture by Ana de Almeida, Ludwig Kittinger and Phelim McConigly for the "Curating Exchange 6" symposium organized by Press to Exit Project Space, Skopje.

"Cultural Entrepreneurship?" Panel discussion with Adrienne Goehler; Ana de Almeida (on behalf of Interndinner); Fabrice Starzinskas and Thomas Burkhalter. Conception and moderation by Bianca Ludewig. 21.10.2016 at Elevate Festival für zeitgenössische Musik, Kunst und politischen Diskurs, Graz.

"Extremely Precarious Limbo" Interndinner at Philosophy Unbound #5 with Ana de Almeida; Jakub Vrba and Mariel Rodríguez. Lecture/Theater play 01.10.2015 20:00 at Spektakel, Vienna

"The Collective Archive" lecture performance at Die Schneiderei Home.Studio.Gallery 27.01.2014 (Masters in Critical Studies final examination)
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